hard copy sweepstakes leadsHard Copy Sweepstakes Leads

Hard Copy Sweepstakes Leads are one of kind. These players have entered in a sweepstakes contest for cash prizes, cars, travel and other related products.

Hard Copy Sweepstakes Leads can be used for magazine offers, travel, skin care products, diet and weight loss, jewelry, books and sundry products. They are extremely responsive to telemarketing, lottery, gambling, and mail offers.

Hard copy sweepstakes leads are limited, order them today before your competition buys them in their entirety, leaving you in the garbage heaps of the wannabe successful.

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Handwritten Sweepstakes Leads Hand writeshandwritten sweepstakes leads

Hand Written Sweepstakes also known as Hand Writes Sweeps are derived from a direct mail piece informing the qualified party that he/she is eligible to be put into a drawing for cars, cash prizes, homes and other items.

These hand writes or hand written sweepstakes are called such because the registrant usually has to sign the sweepstakes form for eligibility requirements. ©

list requirementsRequirements

The list manager requires from the rental company of the hard copy sweepstakes leads or handwritten leads a sales script, a telemarketing script, the description of the product being advertised or sold. The list manager also requires a copy of the company's letterhead, which must include the address of the company and the telephone number(s) of the said rental company of the list. ©

The approval of the rental company to rent the list will be by sole discretion of the list manager.

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